sexta-feira, maio 27, 2016

Noise Rock Mixtape Vol.2

01."Dead Joe" - Birthday Party 02."Asbestos Lead Asbestos" - World Domination Enterprises 03."Battered Children Twirling Battered Batons" - The Union of a Man and a Woman 04."Barbarian Boy" - Lightning Bolt 05."Headless" - Hella 06."Ultrabitch" - Lobster 07."Agony Flesh" - New Collapse 08."Identity Exchange Program, Rectum Return Policy" - Locust 09."Quitter" - Cherubs 10."Pigs Wear Blue" - XBXRX 11."Uvula" - Dmonstrations 12."Big Lies" - Uzeda 13."Camero" - Hammerhead 14."Cannibal" - Scratch Acid 15."Caught Licking Leather" - Pissed Jeans 16."Lazy Slave" - Dope Body 17."Old Skin" - Young Widows 18."Tumor" - His Electro Blue Voice 19."Little Hitlers" - Arsenal 20."Auto-Fuck" - Zeni Geva 21."He's My Thing" - Babes In Toyland 22."In My Head" - Girl Band 23."I Want To Take You Outside" - Ligament

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