domingo, agosto 14, 2016

Surf Rock Revival!

01."Put Your Finger in the Socket [Maximum Voltage Version]" - Man Or Astro Man? 02."Tailspin" - Los Straitjackets 03."War of the Satellites" - The Bomboras 04."Haulin' Hearse" - The Ghastly Ones 05."Gravewalk" - Satan's Pligrims 06."Interstate Death Toll" - Huevos Rancheros 07."Bullet" - The Reverend Horton Heat 08."Echo Rocket 66" - Royal Fingers 09."Aoi Hoshikuzu" - Wild Sammy & The Royaltones 10."Constellation 814" - Aqua Vista 11."Transylvanian Orbit" - Space Cossacks 12."Il Padrino" - The Anacondas 13."Swanlake" - The Looney Tunes 14."Tico-Tico" - Tailgators 15."Seville" - Teisco Del Rey 16."Frontal Lobotomy" - Dr. Frankenstein 17."Sabre Jet" - Ralph Rebel 18."Space Twist 2010" - The Dynotones 19."Take A Look At The Spacy Men Drinkin' Astro Cocktails & Eatin' Their Frushtuk In A Rocket" - The Slow Slushy Boys 20."Suicide Bay" - The Halibuts 21."Having an Average Weekend" - Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet 22."Wait Until Spring, Bandini" - The Makers 23."Point of No Return" - Euroboys 24."Fadeaway" - Laika & The Cosmonauts

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