domingo, setembro 11, 2016

Beyond Surf Rock

01."Attack of the Ghost Riders" - Raveonettes 02."Thee Only One" - Frankie Rose 03."Flipside" - The Breeders 04."Gravedweller" - The Wytches 05."Cinco de Mayo" - Golden Triangle 06."Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive" - Beat Happening 07."Swampland" - Scientists 08."Get Ur Freak On" - Ping Pong Orchestra 09."If You Could Read Your Mind" - Clinic 10."Big Big Blood" - La Luz 11."Creature" - Tijuana Panthers 12."Death Beach" - Midriffs 13."I Spy" - Dead Kennedys 14."Spooks Night Out" - Legendary Invisible Men 15."Chasing For Young Blood" - Messer Chups 16."Planet Claire" - The B-52's 17."Washed Up" - The TeleVibes 18."Wasteland" - Hooded Fang 19."Love-A-Rama" - Southern Culture On The Skids 20."Wor" - Django Django 21."Big Toe" - The Growlers 22."Ana" - Pixies

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